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Thank you for your interest in joining our team. R.O.A.D is the acronym, which means “Reaching Out And Dancing”. This program focuses on the development of our student’s creativity and uses it as an influence to succeed in their academic, social, teacher, peer, and community relationships.

This program is tailored to fit in the academic world. Being in the schools allows this program to instill strong principles and morals that will help the students in their educational field of life. This program has many facets of education that students can learn, from dancing, dance education and acting skills. We also have intern positions available for the students such as, stage lighting, sound, production and more.


We are looking for head instructors and Co – instructors that have the ability to not only teach dance but can manage a group of 30+ children.

R.O.A.D instructors will be working with students in grades K – 12, ages 5 – 18.

With a potential to reach 50 students per dance team, our instructors must have great classroom management skills, will also be required to keep up with all dance student’s behavior and grade levels.

Instructors will also assist the BIS and principal to create assembly’s and prep rally’s during test weeks for encouragement.


Every instructor will have the same curriculum, however, will have creative freedom on the routines created.  Instructors will display their choreography skills by teaching the students their created routines.

Each team will need to have one showcase, three quick routines and a competition piece. The top ten showcase routines will be selected for the summer three-day national competition. This is what you have been waiting for, the chance to show the world your ability to touch the lives of children and make a difference through the power of dance.

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