ROAD to Zambia Foundation

ROAD to Zambia Foundation

About R.O.A.D

Welcome to R.O.A.D

R.O.A.D DBA, Reaching Out And Dance, a dynamic and life-changing dance community that empowers young minds to reach their full potential through the power of movement.

Our founder and CEO, Joseph Katuta Gates, is a visionary dance teacher who leads our team in igniting the creative spark in children and fostering a love of dance that lasts a lifetime.


With ACE (Afterschool Child Enrichment) in Ohio, R.O.A.D prepares students to become leaders in the field of not only dance education but to academically advance in their local community in a variety of capacities and settings.

Our initiative is not limited to Ohio State.

We are likewise reaching out to Zambian Children. We are building the same community in Zambia to help those children receive an opportunity to learn valuable lessons of life through dance and become skillful, confident, and independent.

Our academically inclined dance program, designed for students from Zambia and the USA, is a game-changer for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

With our help, Our children can explore a new world of endless possibilities.

They will have a chance to come out of poverty, get ahead in life, fully utilize their resources and earn a better life for themselves and their families.

With our help, hundreds of children have gained the skills, confidence, and self-expression that come with learning to dance.

We believe that dance is a powerful tool for personal growth, and our program is designed to help children develop physically, emotionally, and socially.

At R.O.A.D, we offer a range of dance styles, including Modern, Jazz, African, Hip-Hop, Latin, and Freestyle. But we are more than just a dance school.

Our unique module is designed to plant seeds of creativity, self-expression, and resilience in our students, so they can navigate life’s challenges confidently and gracefully.

We help children with ADHD and autism express their feelings through movement, helping them break down communication barriers with parents, peers, and teachers.

Overseeing the daily operations of JK and Partners LLC and R.O.A.D,

Mr. Gates focuses on a strong forward vision for the company, by building solid partnerships globally.

Mr. Gates,

a community activist and a creative visionary who thinks “outside the box” is recognized by the royal family of CT Ghana, supported by and connected to Zambia.

R.O.A.D is A THRIVING Dance Community

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