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Welcome to R.O.A.D

R.O.A.D, an acronym for Reaching Out And Dancing, is a project by the R.O.A.D to Zambia foundation that promotes the academically inclined dance program.

This program was originated in Cleveland Ohio to encourage students to use physical dance movements as vehicles for self expression.

Our module is designed to plant seeds of expression, strong principles and morals into the students, which allows them to express themselves effectively.

Also, students will not only have the skills and confidence to dance when opportunities arise but will learn how to use their dance skills rather to be used by them. 

Through creative expressions, R.O.A.D teaches children with ADHD and some traits of autism, through our “Dance -N -Mind” lessons; to express their feelings through the movement of dance, allowing them to break some communication barriers between parents, peers, and teachers.

MAN Behind the Initiative

Joseph Katuta Gates

Founder and CEO - ROAD to Zambia Foundation

Meet Joseph Katuta Gates – the dynamic and passionate CEO of ROAD to Zambia Foundation. With his visionary leadership, he has brought positive changes in the lives of countless children through the R.O.A.D program.

As the CEO of the ROAD to Zambia Foundation, Mr. Gates uses the power of dance to inspire and motivate students to express themselves and develop their academic and leadership skills.

Joseph Katuta Gates – a visionary, community activist and leader. He has dedicated his life to bridging the gap between communities, and creating sustainable relationships between America and Africa.

Our Students

Our students are not just dancers; they are leaders in the making.
We help our students explore endless possibilities, rise out of poverty, and become skilled, confident, and independent individuals.

With our guidance, our students gain a deep understanding of dance history, culture, and music, preparing them for a wide range of careers in the performing arts.

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Join R.O.A.D, a dance program that focuses on developing creativity and building strong principles and morals in students to succeed in academic and social relationships.​

We’re seeking head and co-instructors with strong classroom management skills to teach and manage groups of 30+ children in grades K-12. 

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Our program has already transformed the lives of hundreds of children, igniting confidence and self-expression within. 

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